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January 1, 2017

Added flags for new countries

5101 games, 43 countries, 8244 people, 1561 national teams (672 with rosters, 164 with team images)

Combined Pete and Peter Rive to Peter Rive.

Added Croatia, Egypt, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates as new countries in the db

Added EUC 2015 tournament with placings and spirit winners (top 3) for all (5) divisions

Added EUC 2015 team photos for podium positions and spirit winner for all (5) divisions

Added WUGC 2016 tournament with placings and spirit placings for all (5) divisions

Added WJUC 2016 tournament with placings and spirit placings for all (2) divisions

Added AOC 2015 tournament with division placings and sprit winners

Added WJUC 2014 tournament with division placings and spirit winners

Added World U23 Ultimate Championships 2013 tournament with division and spirit placings

Added World Games 2013 tournament with placings

August 26, 2012

Added field for date of death.

Added: Average age of the team is shown only if there are more than 6 birth dates known (and birth date is known for more than 75% of the roster).

5101 games, 43 countries, 8244 people, 1223 national teams (672 with rosters, 134 with team images)

Fixed last name of Charles Shaffer.

Added birth dates for a number of Finnish players.

Combined people Csilla Furka and Csilla Furka-Elenius.

Added spirit scores for WUGC 2012. Source: WFDF web site.

Added WJUC 2012 tournament, different divisions, final rankings, sprit winners, game scores (missing scores of 3 games), team rosters. Source WJUC 2012 web site. Games not played: Junior Women Division: Latvia-Japan, Israel-Ireland, Italy-Sweden (game for 5th-6th, result system is showing score from the pool game between these teams), Great Britain-Russia (result system is showing score from the pool game between these two teams). Thanks Domincik!

Added 6 players in the German Open national team in 1998 WUGC and 5 players in German Open national team in 1996 WUGC. Thanks Dominik a.k.a. Huber!

Added flag images for China.

Fixed a mistake in the game data which made Chinese Mixed team's results not to show correctly (changed incorrect country code "ch" in teams in games -table to "cn").

July 21, 2012  

4926 games, 43 countries, 7700 people, 1177 national teams (629 with rosters, 134 with team images)

WUGC2012: Added rosters for open, women masters, open masters, women, and mixed teams. Source: Tournament web site.

EUC2011: Israel open team listed incorrectly also Italian open team players. Moved the Italian players to the Italian open team.

Removed duplicate player: Keisuke Ishii.

July 18, 2012  

4926 games, 42 countries, 6966 people, 1177 national teams (569 with rosters, 134 with team images)

Removed Dominique Fontenette from the French Women roster (2008 WUGC). Thanks Dominique!

Added roster for Team USA in 2001 World Games. Thanks Dominique Fontenette!

Added WUGC 2012, tournament basic information, including divisions (had to add a new division 'Women Masters's' in the database), standings, game scores. Spirit scores were missing. Source: WUGC 2012 Web site at

January 5, 2012  

4639 games, 41 countries, 6961 people, 1118 national teams (568 with rosters, 134 with team images)

Added flag image for Slovenia.

Added team pictures for Finland Masters 2011, Swiss Masters 2011, Finland Women 2011.

Added AOUC 2011 results, and teams. Source: AOUC Web site.

November 18, 2011  

4604 games, 41 countries, 6818 people, 1110 national teams (559 with rosters, 134 with team images)

Added Antti Elonheimo as head coach for Finland in 2011 EUC. Thanks Antti Elonheimo & Henna Tanskanen!

Combined Nanna and Anna-Kaisa Karessuo's profiles. Finland Women's team in EUC 2011. Paula Sihto (Jussila) as coach only. Combined Paula Jussila's and Paula Sihto's profiles. Added captain (Henna Tanskanen). Finland Open team in 2011 - added captain (Kimmo Kinnunen). Thanks Henna Tanskanen!

Fixed Zane Kalniņ's last name.

Added new person in the database (Hanna Kauppi) who played in the 2011 EYUC tournament for Finland.

Added Martin Filipovski as a coach for Swedish Open team in EUC 2011 (in addition to playing for the team).

Added birth dates for Finnish players (to enable calculations for average ages for national teams). Combined 2 accounts for Merituuli Rekola and corrected her to be head coach for Girls under 18 team for FInland in 2011 EYUC. Added Markku Pajunen as coach for Mixed Finland team in 2011. Thanks Liitokiekkoliitto and Jarna Kalpala!

November 9, 2011  

4604 games, 41 countries, 6819 people, 1110 national teams (559 with rosters, 134 with team images)

Added 4 team images for Ireland (WUC 2010 U23 Open, WUC 2010 U23 Women, WUC 2010 U23 Mixed and WJUC 2010 Juniors). Thanks David Perry, IFDA President!

Nations Cup 2004: Added roster for Finland Open team. Thanks Tommi Rättö!

1996 WUGC German Junior team. removed Hans Tiro from the players. Added a number of players plus coaches for 1995 Junior team for Germany. Thanks Hans Tiro!

Wonderful Copenhagen Ultimate 2011. Added 4 games in open and 1 game in women's division between national teams. Game dates and times are still unknown. Added rosters for Danish teams. Added roster for the Swiss open team. Thanks Nick Pannu and David Moser!

European Ultimate Championships 2011. Added tournament. Added divisions. Added placings and spirit winners. Added results for open, mixed, masters and women's divisions. Added rosters for all divisions. Source: EUC Ultiorganzer exported CSVs.

European Youth Ultimate Championships 2011. Added tournament. Added divisions. Added placings and spirit winners. Added rosters for G17, J17, G19 and J19 teams. Added results for G17, J17, G19 and J19 divisions. Source: Ultiorganizer at

8Nations 2009. Added Final game. The Netherlands over Ireland, score likely 17-12. Thanks Seamus Murray!

Fixed Tiina Rättö's name.

February 21, 2011

Shortened and corrected titles for all pages

country.php: Fixed bug which showed unknown game results as losses in the all games list

4247 games, 40 countries, 5916 people, 1024 national teams (475 with rosters, 134 with team images)

EUGC 1987: Added some missing placings for open (Austria 3rd, GB 4th, Netherlands 5th, West Germany 6th) and women's division (Netherlands 3rd, West Germany 4th, Italy 6th, Belgium 7th). Added some missing scores for open (NL-NO 15-6, NL-IT 15-4, NL-CH 15-8) and women (NL-SE 2-13, NL-WG 13-6) and added bronze medal game for women's division (NL-WG 14-12). Source: Anonymous (redlightsgolf) through the feedback form.

WUGC 2008: Added Stefan Rekitt as the head coach for Germany open team. Thanks Philipp Kitzmann!

WUGC 1996 Germany juniors team: Added Stefan Rekitt as head coach and Philipp Timmermann, Hasanuddin Tiro and Philipp Kitzmann as players. Thanks Philipp Kitzmann!

WUGC 2004 Germany open team: Added Stefan Rekitt as head coach. Thanks Philipp Timmermann!

EUGC 1987: Added roster for GB open team. Thanks Derek Robins! Added also team photo from Uk Frisbee History Facebook page.

Mark Dickenson -> Mark Dickinson. Based on information on Facebook personal page

Steve Clarke -> Steve Clark. Based on information on Facebook personal page.

Jeinz Adel (incorrect spelling): combined with Heinz Ädel.

January 8, 2011 index.php: Added accurate team image number

4246 games, 40 countries, 5916 people, 1024 national teams (474 with rosters, 133 with team images)

Added rosters for GB Open teams: WUGC 1984, WUGC 1985, WUGC 1988. Thanks Nick Cash!

Added team images for GB Open teams: scrimmage against Italy in Anzio, WUGC 1984, WUGC 1988. And for GB Masters team in EUGC 2003. Thanks Nick Cash!

Added the games for EUC U18 tournament and International Junior U20 tournament held in Trnava, in July 2008. Thanks for Vladimir Vietors for digging up an archive of the tournament Web site!

Removed Dick Akers and Graeme Duckworth from the roster of EUC 1982 (and added them in the 1985 GB open team). My mistake. I should have added them in the 1985 GB Open team to start with...

EUGC 1981. Added Jacques Doetsch as Belgium Open player. Fixed incorrect game score Sweden - France to 43-6 (from 27-2, which was incorrectly guessed based on swedish game reports). Source UPA Newsletter Jan-Feb 1982.

EUGC 1982. Added Connie Van Praet to Belgium Open and Sazanne Biiegel to France Open. Source: UPA Newsletter Nov-Dec 1982.

April 1978 scrimmage between Great Britain and Italy. Added rosters for both teams, score and date. Also changed the date range for the Anzio game based on the story. Source: Thanks to Steve Hurrell for pointing this story out!

Added Stef Stevens as player for following Dutch teams: Open 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993 and Masters 1996. Source:

EUC 2003: Added rosters for 4 German teams (Open, Women, Mixed, Juniors). Added team images for same teams. Source: German Flying Disc Associations archived pages, for example

EUC 2003: Added roster for Danish open team. The same archived web page contains information about other tournaments the players attended. Unfortunately it does not tell for which country and in which division the player played, so I did not enter these players for any other team. Source:

December 28, 2010  

4230 games, 40 countries, 5843 people, 1024 national teams (465 with rosters, 126 with team images)

EUC 1980: Added roster for Sweden. Added score and date for Wales-Sweden pool game. Fixed the semifinal score Finland-Wales: 16-9 -> 16-7. Changed status of the Italy-Belgium game to 5-6 from pool game. Added missing pool games and bronze medal game. Removed two games (FIN-SWE and FIN-Wales pool game) which did not happen in that tournament. Source: 1980 results and statistics scoresheet from Swedish Frisbee Association (which includes the Pool A and B information).

Jon-Peter Gardshol -> Jonn-Peter Gardshol. Source: 1980 results & statistics sheet from Swedish Flying Disc Association. Thanks Peter Lundmark!

EUGC 1991: Added rosters for Swedish teams (open, women, juniors). Added games in masters and juniors division. Fixed incorrect standings in junior division (Belgium 3rd, The Netherlands 4th). Added times for Finland's games (open, women). Added missing games in open and women's divisions. Source: Tournament result sheets from Swedish Flying Disc Association. Thanks Peter Lundmark!

WG2005: Confirmed the result of Japan - Germany game to be 13-8. Source: Thanks Bernhard Frötschl!

EUC 2003: Germany Masters. Added head coach. Thanks Bernhard Frötschl!

WUGC1984/1986 and EUGC1985: Added Dick Akers and Graeme Duckworth as players fo Great Britain open team. Thanks Dick Akers!

Added a scrimmage between Great Britain and Sweden for spring 1978 (Gothenburg). Thanks Steve Hurrell!

Steve Hurrel -> Steve Hurrell. Added Steve as a player for GB in EUC 1980 and scrimmage against Sweden in Gothenburg. Thanks Steve Hurrell!

WUGC 1988: Added rosters for Swedish teams (open, women, juniors). Added score for bronze medal game in open division (15-12). Source: Frisbeelagan 3/1988.

EUGC 1987: Added roster for Swedish open team. Added missing scores for Sweden-Austria and Sweden-West Germany. Source: Frisbeelagan 1/1988.

EUGC 1995: Fixed incorrect game result Sweden-Spain 2-19 -> 19-2.

December 23, 2010  

4159 games, 40 countries, 5771 people, 1022 national teams (457 with rosters, 126 with team images)

WUGC 1988: Added missing dates for Finland's games (Women). Corrected the status for Australia's and Finland's games from Pool games to Pool B games. Added missing games and results in Open, Women, and Junior division. Changed a few scores for Australian open team (results from scoresheet are given precedence over results from an article written after the event: SUI-AUS 15-9 ->15-4, JPN-AUS 16-12 -> 15-13, DEN-AUS 13-7 -> 12-8, FRA-AUS 14-9 -> 15-7, BEL-AUS 13-8 ->15-8) Source: Scanned copies of tournament result newsletter, Thanks Derek Robins!

December 19, 2010  

4029 games, 40 countries, 5771 people, 1022 national teams (457 with rosters, 126 with team images)

Broke the 4000 game barrier, WOOT! There are still tens of games missing from the 80s and early 90s though...

EUC 1993: Added missing games and game results in Women, Juniors and Open divisions. Source: Tournament newsletters. (Open: Finland-Austria game result is stated in the newsletter to be 21-8 and not 21-5 like in this database. Needs to be investigated...)

WUGC 1998: Added missing games and game results in Women, Juniors and Mixed divisions. Added also missing game times. Source: Tournament newsletters.

WUGC 1988: Added missing result for Final (women) Source: Frisbari (the newsletter of Finnish Flying Disc Association. (also changed last 3 games for Australia to be "Continuation pool, lower" instead of "Consolation bracket 13-16")

EUC 1991: Added placings and final result for masters division: Source: A message in by Thohmas Griesbaum.

EUC 1989: Added Open Sprit winner (France). Source: Web site for French National Association.

World Junior Ultimate Championships 2002 (Boys and Girls): Added missing games (games which Finland did not play in). And corrected wrong result for Finland-Russia game (was 13-17, now 17-13). Source: Archived tournament Website.

EJUC 2008 (Trnava): Changed the Junior Open tournament to be "International tournament" instead of European Championships: Source: Message on EFDF forum from Paul Eriksson.

EJUC 2005: Added game results for games which Finland did not play in. Source: Tournament result newsletter in PDF format.

EUC 1985 Open: Removed one duplicated pool game between Austria and Great Britain.

December 7, 2010 Removed link to U17 world championship tournaments from index.php as there has been only European Championships for those divisions

3987 games, 40 countries, 5771 people, 1022 national teams (457 with rosters, 126 with team images)

Changed U17 (open and women) 2010 tournament titles to European Championships, as those divisions have not yet been sanctioned by WFDF. Thanks Thomas Griesbaum!

Dominck Smyth & Dominick Smyth -> Dominick Smyth. Roger Beatty & Roger John Beatty -> Roger John Beatty. Thanks Dominick Smyth!

EYUC 2009: Added Roster for Irish Junior U20 team. Thanks Dominick Smyth!

Eight Nations 2009: Added roster for Irish women team. Source: IFDA Web site (

Added some nick names for Irish players (more to be done later). Source: IFDA Web site.

Added 10 team photos for Irish National teams. Thanks Dominick Smyth!

Name correction: Lok Koo, Crystal -> Koo, Crystal Lok. Thanks Crystal Lok Koo!

Fixed a number of names (accented characters) for players in Eastern European teams.

Added roster for Belgium open team for 1988 WUGC.

Added roster for Ireland Mixed team for 2000. Thanks Dominick Smyth!

Added roster for German Open team for 2000. Thanks Dominik Zielgängsberger

Added three pool games for Italy for the 1980 European Championships. Thanks Franco Figari!

Added Franco Figari as player for Italian Open national team between 1978-1987. Source: Franco Figari.

August 17, 2010 team.php: Fixed W-L record calculation to omit non-official games (games agains non-national teams)

3984 games, 40 countries, 5723 people, 1022 national teams (452 with rosters, 116 with team images)

Added roster for Italian U20 Women team. Thanks Diego Signoretti!

Added rosters for WJUC 2010 teams. Source FFindr. Thanks Christian Jennewein, and Mark Kendall (and Thomas Griesbaum and Paul Eriksson for pointing this out)! And Nicholas Miglioretto for information about Swiss coaches!

Added a few team photos for teams in WJUC 2010. Source: various Web sites.

Fixed issues with players named Anneli and Annelie Andersson, for Sweden. Added Anneli to 1989, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000 national teams and as a coach in Swedish U20 Girl juniors in 2009 (together with Annelie Andesson and Sophie Davidsson. Source: Anneli Andersson

Nasser M'Bae & Nasser M'Bae-Vogel -> Nasser M'Bae Vogel.

EYUC 2009 Juniors U20: Added Spirit winner (Finland). Source: The Web site of Finnish Flying Disc Association.

EYUC 2009: Added rosters for Finnish teams (U20 Open and Women). Source: The Web site of Finnish Flying Disc Association.

EYUC 2009: Added missing games for the last 2 days for U20 Open and Women. The games were missing because some of the game results were not known and the importing script choked on incomplete entries.

EYUC 2009: Added rosters for GB teams (4). Source:

August 13, 2010 Added links to U23 information on index.php

3956 games, 40 countries, 4994 people, 1022 national teams (406 with rosters, 116 with team images)

Added 3 new divisions: U23 Open, U23 Women, U23 Mixed

Added team photo for Italian masters team in WUGC2008. Thanks, Francesco Spada!

Jen & Jenni Hart -> Jen Hart

Added WJUC 2010 final rankings, game results for all divisions (note that rosters are missing). Source: tournament Web site.

Added rosters for Finnish Junior teams in WJUC 2010. Source: Web site of Finnish Flying Disc Association.

Added World U23 Ultimate Championships 2010 final rankings, game results and team roster for all divisions and teams. Source: tournament Web site.

July 19, 2010

Aligned game status information for EUGC1992 to be "Pool game" ("P").

tournament.php now contains column in the team listing for "Spirit winners", displays a special tournament note and shows all games in the order of winner - loser. Fixed a duplicate quotation mark issue in the game list.

Changed db schema to contain spirit placing in the teams table (because in some tournaments there are multiple spirit winners in one division.

Increased the length of field not in tournaments table and edited the notes so that they can be displayed on the tournaments.php page.

Added all_scrimmages.php page to allow seeing the single scrimmage games separately from the tournaments.

3641 games, 40 countries, 4510 people, 949 national teams (373 with rosters, 109 with team images)

1997 EUC: Added missing games for Open and Juniors division (the games Finland did not play in) and missing placings for GER, UK and SUI. Source: Charlie Mead's email on EuroDisc mailing list (

Fixed the incorrect head coach information (apparently I ran some faulty script in the past) for Finnish teams (1984 and 1997) - deleted records 1122-1143 from team_roster table.

Added spirit winners: WUGC 1986 (all divisions), WUGC 1994 (all divisions), WUGC 1992 (open), EUC 1993 (all divisions), 1995 EUC (all divisions), WG 2001, EUC 2003 (all divisions), WUGC 2004 (all divisions), EJUC 2008 (all divisions). Sources: various tournament newsletters, national newsletters and Web sites.

Added participating countries in EUC 1991 Masters division, although it is still not certain if that division was played at all. Source: Tournament welcome - newsletter.

Added two scrimmages between Great Britain and Italy in 1978. Source: UK Frisbee History group in Facebook.

Combined Lisa Kaulfuss and Lisa Kalufuss as one single person (Lisa Kaulfuss). Thanks for the correction, Lisa!

Added Jens Achenbach in Germany Open teams (1998, 2000). Thanks Jens!

July 7, 2010

Added a field (last_name_starts) to the table "people" to improve the display of all_players.php page. Changed all_players.php page to utilize that field

all_tournaments.php. Fixed team links on row 'Placing not known' to include team_id.

Added field in tournament table for spirit winners (not yet visible on any page as the field is not properly populated)

3619 games, 40 countries, 4506 people, 940 national teams (372 with rosters, 109 with team images)

1990 Worlds Women's division: Added W-L for final teams (USA-SWE) based on the placing list.

1990 Worlds masters division. Added score for the final. Thanks Jeff "Getty" Freeman!

1990 Worlds Open division. Added score for the final. Source: A posting by Tony Leonardo on

1986 Worlds GB open and women. Added (incomplete) rosters from an Ultimatum (the newsletter of British Ultimate Federation) write-up.

1998 Worlds women's division. CAN-JPN semi - fixed date, added score. Added missing games for women's division for Thursday (one quarterfinal score missing). Added missing scores for Thursday games for open, masters, mixed and juniors. Source: a post listing results for Thursday on ( Added sprit winners for open, women, mixed.

1998 Worlds. Open division: Added game results for Sunday Aug 16th (and SWE-GB game for Aug 19th) based on the standings tables and known game results. Masters division: Added result for CAN-JPN game for Aug 16th, based of known results and results summary table. Mixed division: Added W-L for CAN-BRA played on Aug 16th based on known results and results summary table, Brazilian score is unknown (between 0 and 11, lost the game).

2009 World Games. Added rosters for USA, JPN, CAN, GBR, and Chinese Taipei. Source: Tournament web site scorers' list.

2005 World Games. Added rosters for USA, JPN, CAN, and GER. Source. WFDF Web site.

Swiss teams in 2000 WUGC (open, women, mixed, masters and juniors), EUC 2003 (open, mixed, masters): Added rosters. Source: - thanks Florian Ermini for pointing out that site!

June 28, 2010

Changed layout of index.php (added more navigational elements)

Added a few indexes in the database to improve query speed.

3592 games, 40 countries, 4371 people, 940 national teams (353 with rosters, 109 with team images)

Added 17 team images (mostly EUC 2007 and EUC 2003, but also GB women 1996 and 2000 in Worlds). Source: Various Web sites and Rebecca Forth, Thanks!

Added rosters for GB Women 1989, GB Women 1991, GB Women 1994, GB Open 1983, GB Open 1989, GB masters 1989. Source: UK Frisbee History Facebook group. Thanks Derek Robins for pointing out this group!

Removed a duplicate game (FIN-GB Junior Worlds 2006). Fixed some incorrect game times for the same tournament.

Nations' Cup 2004 Open division. Corrected the number of participating countries (4->6). Added the Netherlands as participating country. Added placings for GB, DK, DE, NL. Added missing games. Fixed game times. Source: Nations' Cup Web site ( through Internet Archive.

Nations' Cup 2004 Womens division. Added no of countries and participating countries with placings. Added all games. Source: Nations' Cup Web site ( through Internet Archive.

June 20, 2010

Fixed issue on player pages (in some cases not all games were listed). Fix: Added clear-text explanations in db for missing status codes.

Added a link text for <team in a tournament> on the team/country page. The link in the number indicating the placing was not clear enough.

Changed table header "Status of the Game" to "Competition Stage". Thanks Jonathan Potts for the better terminology suggestion! Affected pages: country.php, tournament.php, team.php, player.php, head_to_head.php

3578 games, 40 countries, 4304 people, 935 national teams (345 with rosters, 92 with team images)

WUGC1988: Added games for Australia (open). Thanks Simon Woods and John Greenfield!

Fixed duplicated people: Mike Nield -> Mike Neild. Matt Ryan -> Matthew Ryan. Thanks Jason de Rooy!

EUC 1980: Added placings for Wales, Italy, Belgium and France. Added a few game scores for Finland. Changed GBR-SWE semi result to 16-7 (instead 16-6, taken from Frisbari) Looks like there were two pools (4 and 3 teams) in the tournament and semi-finals were played after that. There might be therefore a couple of incorrect games currently in the database (pool games FIN-SWE and FIN-Wales). Source: Tournament organizers newsletter to participating countries. Thanks Klaus Korpela and Marko Timonen!

WUGC1998: Added 4 games for Australia (games played on Sunday and Thursday). WUGC1996: Changed score for Australia-Switzerland game to 21-10 (typo in tournament newsletter, confirmed by standings table). Source: John Greenfield. Thanks!

World Games 2009: Added roster for Australia. Thanks Mike Neild!

June 15, 2010  

Totals: 3561 games, 40 countries, 4302 people, 935 national teams (344 them rostered)

Combined people with 2 entries: Götz Griebel (thank you!), Fränzi Bütikofer (thank you!), Brian Mac Devitt,

Added Ireland rosters: WUGC 2000 open, EUC 2003 (open & women), 8 nations 2009 open. Source: IFDA Web site.

Added one game (Sweden over Austria) for EUC 1982 Women division. Added roster for Sweden (women). Source: Frisbeelagan (the newsletter for Swedish Flying Disk Association).

Added rosters: Sweden open EUC 1981, Sweden open EUC 1982 (incomplete, based on game write-up), Sweden WUGC 1986 (open, women, juniors). Source: Frisbeelagan (the newsletter for Swedish Flying Disk Association).

Added rosters: Great Britain women's team - WUGC 1996, WUGC 2000, EUC 2003. Source: Rebecca Forth (Thanks!)

Added 3 missing teams for EUC 1980 Open division: Belgium (with Jacques Doestch as player), France, Italy (with Franco Figari as player). Source: Jacques Doetsch and Franco Figari (thanks to both).

June 8, 2010 tournament.php: if no game result known, do not color countries red.

Totals: 3560 games, 40 countries, 4197 people, 932 national teams (331 them rostered)

EUC1987: Added missing games: juniors (game time & results), women (game times and resuls, except for Friday results which are still missing). Fixed game dates for open division (Wednesday was a rest day). Friday results still missing! Added rosters for German teams (open, women). Source: Copies of tournament newsletters.

WUC1983: Added roster for Junior team from Sweden. Added 5 players in different open teams based on scoring information. Source: Tournament newsletter.

1984 scrimmage between Finland and Sweden in Sundsvall. Added partial rosters from scoresheet.

WUC2004: Added rosters for all divisions (juniors, girls, open, women, mixed, masters): Source: Tournament database

Some players had two separate entries in the database. A number (almost 20) of those players were combined to a single entry. There are still quite a few players in the database with similar names, which I did not combine to a single entry, as I did not know if theya re the same player or a separate player.

June 3, 2010 all_players.php: added one more column for player listings (3 -> 4)

Totals: 3533 games, 40 countries, 3426 people, 932 national teams (272 them rostered)

EUC1989: Added dates for Finland's games, masters division, placings for all countries (open, women, masters), missing countries (Norway, Belgium in Open, all teams in masters' division), all missing games (Open, Women, Juniors, Masters) - thanks Erik Hammer!

EUC1991 - Junior division. Germany did not participate. Netherlands was there instead (confirmed from the tournament newsletter). Thanks Joachim De Fraye!

SC1990: Added rosters (Sweden & Norway in Open and Women's division). Source: Tournament print-out.

WUGC 2008: Added rosters (open, women, mixed, masters, juniors, girls). Source: Tournament Web site

Consolidated a duplicate person: Gemma Taylor.

Added one missing game for Mixed Division in EUC 2007: Pool game on Aug 1st, Czech Republic vs Great Britain: 16-14. Thanks, Stepan Materna!

EUC2007: Added rosters (open,women, mixed, masters, juniors, juniors U17, girls). Fixed incorrect score for final (teams were wrong way). Might need to exclude Russian team from the statistics as they seem to be a international team - awaiting confirmation. Source: Tournament Web site:

2008 European Junior Championships, Trnava. Added the event, 3 divisions with placings (not G19 as there was only one national team and one B-team in there).

2006 European / Baltic Junior Championships, Riga. Added missing games for U17 division. Added J19 (3 teams) and G19 (2 teams) divisions. G17 division was played as well but only with one national team. (source: saved page copies from the tournament web site)

2003 EUC, Masters division. Added roster for Germany. Thanks Bernhard Frötschl!

May 28, 2010

Renamed the site wide css file from main_2.css to main.css

Fixed incorrect separation line right of main content on all pages

Grammar and typo fixes for index.php and what_is_this.php

head_to_head.php: fixed a bug with quotation, added goal amounts, different handling of sweep situations, hanling of no games between two countries

team.php: added color coding for game result table, added average age information for a team (currently available only for Finnish teams) - shown if 75% of the players in the roster have their birth date information in the database

country.php: win-loss coloring for the whole row in the table displaying record against other countries, win-loss coloring for the list of all games, some minor language corrections

main.css: changed the behavior of win-loss coloring

Fixed mistake which included non-official games in certain views

player.php: Added Listing of all games.

Totals: 3451 games, 40 countries, 1353 people, 914 national teams (151 them rostered)

Rosters: 1994 Sweden Juniors, 1994 Netherlands Women

Separated The Eight Nations Championships (2009) to its own category

Added rosters for Australia: women's division, masters, mixed, juniors, junior women, (source:

Added rosters for UK: Junior Women all the way, Juniors to 2005 then the names start to be too sketchy (source:

Added roster for Finland for scrimmage between Finland and Australia in 1998.

Added games for 2009 Eight Nations Championships (Open)

Added missing games for 2005 World Games (Mixed)

May 17, 2010

Added player page (missing game listings)

Added Player directory (player listing) page

Added country head-to-head page

Improved navigation across the site utilizing drop-down selection lists

Changed the layout to be fixed-width (1000 pixels for most of the pages, dynamically calculated number of pixels on all_tournaments and all_countries pages if there are more than a certain number of columns in the tables on the pages)

Added team roster option on team pages

Started change log page

Made few tables sortable (see player pages as an example)

Added Google Analytics support

Totals: 3434 games, 40 countries, 1059 people, 914 national teams (126 them rostered)

Added World Games 2009 game details

Added Asia-Oceanic Championships tournament + game details

Added European Youth Ultimate Championships 2009 + game details

Added some team rosters for Australia, USA, UK, and Sweden

Fixed a few mistakes in the game results (like Heillbronn 2000 Japan USA in Open Division

Added placing for France in Open division in EUC 1989

Separated World Games as an own category

Separated Open Baltic Junior Ultimate Championships (2003) as their own category

Added WC 1998 Masters and Mixed tournaments with placings

Fixed some problems with scrimmages (to-do: a page listing all scrimmages for easy access)

Transformed a two views to tables to improve performance

April 30, 2010 Initial draft version for small circulation